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United Methodist Connections

Current Faculty and Staff at the University who are members of University Heights United Methodist Church

  • Teresa Lynn Berry, Krannert Memorial Library (1987 to present)
  • Christie Beckmann '98, Director, Office of Conferences and Scheduling (1999 to present)
  • Stephanie Kelly, faculty in the Krannert School of Physical Therapy (1996 to present)
  • Steve Maple '66, faculty in the School of Business (1975 to present)
  • Lynn Moran, Director of Student Health Center (1991-present)
  • Steve Nawrocki, Associate Professor of Human Biology (1991-present)
  • Sandy Osborne '87, administrator in Financial Aid office (1991 to present)
  • Linda Rodebaugh '76, '81 faculty School of Nursing (1989 to present)
  • Vicki Swank '78, '80, '99, Nurse Practitioner (2002 to present)
  • Jan Thomas, Administrative Assistant, President's Office (1980 to present)

Current Faculty and Staff at the University affiliated with the United Methodist Church

  • Robert Burchfield, Director, Academic Support Services, School for Adult Learning (1984-present)
  • Lang Brownlee, University Co-Chaplain, and Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Religion (1995-present)
  • Michael G. Cartwright, Dean, Ecumenical and Interfaith Programs and Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion (1996-present)
  • Angileta Cheeseman, Custodian, Physical Plant (2006 to present)
  • Arthur Cheeseman, Mechanical Services, Physical Plant (2001 to present)
  • Greg S. Clapper, Professor of Philosophy and Religion (1998-present)
  • Stant Clark, Director of Human Resources (2002-present)
  • Jennifer Fogo, Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy (1993-present)
  • Stephen A. Graham, Professor of Political Science (1984-present)
  • Jennifer L. Huber, Assistant Director of Publications, (2000-present)
  • Patricia A. Jefferson-Bilby, Dean, School for Adult Learning (1981-present)
  • Perry V. Kea, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion and Chair of the Philosophy and Religion Department (1983-present)
  • Beverley J. Pitts, President (2005-present)
  • Ruth Ann Styron, Assistant Professor of Nursing ( 2006-present)
  • Jay Sibley, Director, Mechanical Services, Physical Plant (1977 to present)
  • Scott Uecker, General Manager of WICR-FM and Instructor of Communication (1997-present)
  • Mark Weigand, Vice President Enrollment and Student Affairs (1980-present)
  • Marylynne Winslow, Associate Director of Admissions (1989-present)

Current United Methodist Youth Leader Scholars

  • Christopher Hartley, 2012
  • Samantha Searls, 2012
  • Ian Brastauskas, 2013
  • Nathan Brock, 2013
  • Mackenzie Cain, 2013
  • Amanda Carter, 2013
  • Jennifer Meadows, 2014
  • Amanda Musgrave, 2014
  • Allyson Tracey, 2014
  • Kailey Willhelm, 2014

Mentors for United Methodist Youth Leader Scholars:

  • Rev. Lang Brownlee, University Co-Chaplain

If you would like to have your name added to this list, please contact the Ecumenical and Interfaith Office at #2106 or email

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