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Ecumenical and Interfaith Programs

The mission of the Office of Ecumenical and Interfaith Programs is to nourish opportunities on our campus for spiritual and religious growth and formation for students, faculty and staff. Recognizing the plurality of voices (religious and non-religious) on the campus, the EIP Office seeks to create space(s) for individuals and groups to give and receive hospitality to one another. This is accomplished through pastoral encounters with the Chaplains, on-campus worship available for all Christians and for those of other religious traditions, the Lantz Center for Christian Vocation, as well as other programmatic initiatives.

Ecumenical Christianity
  • is "enriched" Christianity, responding to the call and vision of Christian unity witnessed in texts such as John 17, 1 Corinthians 12, Ephesians 4, Romans 12 and others.
  • does not seek to conform to others to "our" image, but in seeking to form disciples to the image of Christ, respect the validity and diversity of traditions and persons for whom Jesus Christ is the Son of God, our Lord.
  • is not "watered-down" Christianity, but seeks to create a space where differing traditions and convictions may be viewed as "precious gifts" that in dialogue together bring about "new life".
Interfaith Dialogue
  • seeks to create a space where the inherent dignity (as Christians and others would say, "the image of God") is recognized in all people and in all religious traditions.
  • seeks to create a space where each community's or individual's convictions may be safely expressed without fear of persecution.
  • requires, not the "equating" of all religious traditions and faiths, but faithfulness to each individual's or community's identity so that true conversation may happen.
  • is, most importantly, relational dialogue - requiring us to welcome others personally and to be welcomed personally, recognizing the "precious gifts" each person brings with her.

Threshold: Freshman Retreat

This retreat for incoming freshman is designed to help students cross the threshold from high school into university life. It is an opportunity for Christian students who are about to begin their first year of college to think about their faith commitments as they start on the path to a career. Students from a variety of fields have participated in this retreat, including those going into teaching, nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, youth ministry, communications and business.

What will happen:

  • Worship through prayer and communion
  • Spiritual formation will take place through sessions that explore ways to cultivate the Christian faith and that help us to deepen our relationship with God.
  • Community-building and fellowship through group activities, events on campus, and an evening trip to downtown Indy which allows students to get to know one another and the city better.

PDF Threshold Retreat Brochure — 2 pgs.