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The Crossings Project

The Crossings Project

The Crossings Project was a Lilly-endowment funded venture at the University of Indianapolis that fostered theological exploration of vocation in the context of the University's mission of Education for Service. The project officially began on July 1, 2002, and concluded its work in the summer of 2006.

Executive Summary of the Lilly Grant

This project created a set of convergent programmatic initiatives at the University of Indianapolis that fostered theological exploration of vocations in the context of our educational heritage and mission of "Education for Service."

At the same time that we created a new set of initiatives that would build the overall capacity of our university to offer students enriched opportunities for vocational exploration (in the wider sense), we continued to offer the Christian vocations curriculum of the Lantz Center for Christian Vocations that is already in place which provides students with opportunities for theological exploration of vocations and spiritual formation.

The Crossings Project took shape as eight programmatic initiatives that were deployed in three trajectories or "crossings." The synergy between these eight initiatives has enabled the students, faculty and staff of the University of Indianapolis to making the following "crossings."

  1. Crossing Thresholds
  2. Crossing Intersections for Service
  3. Crossing (into) Community Partnerships
  4. Crossing the Commons: Fostering Vocational Reflection Through the University’s Missional Motto of “Education for Service"

Through the synergetic deployment of these curricular and co-curricular initiatives, the overall objective of The Crossing Project was to cultivate an enriched culture of "education for service" in which the four sets of initiatives worked together in mutually supportive, conceptually enriching and pedagogically generative ways to benefit students, faculty, and staff as well as our various community partners.

During the four years that The Crossings Project was in existence (Phase II), we created several sets of print-based resources for vocation exploration of students, faculty and staff of our university. Crossings Resources remain available for use by members of the campus community as part of the work of the Phase III Vocations Project as well as for PTEV network institutions.

The Crossings Mural is an artistic offering that commemorates the ways this set of vocation exploration endeavors enabled this United Methodist Church-related university to embark on the journey of becoming a community in which persons of diverse religious traditions can engage one another in conversations about what it means to be "called" by God.